Project 9 :: An Elegant Rabbit Brooch

I think I'm in trouble.  Here it is, nearly the end of March, and I'm only on project 9!  Do I believe that I'll make it?  I have too.  For some odd reason, my family believes that I never finish anything.  The other day I had to tell my grouchy hubby to ..."please have faith in me"... after continually harassing me about the 70 pinwheels that I had to finish by Saturday.  But BROOHAHA...pinwheels all done.

I'm still enjoying my Holy Moly I have too Many craft books challenge.  This challenge is really getting me to do things I've only thought about.

Here is Project 9 ... an elegant crochet rabbit brooch. The project came together easily, 2 round circles for the head, a small circle for the nose, and the 2 ears.  The head and nose are lightly stuffed with batting and the ears are stiffen with wire sewn on the back. To confess, I didn't add the pin on the back yet, thinking to sew it this rabbit on a bag instead.
I really love this crochet book, a bit different from other books in my collection.  Take a look-see inside ...
I think it's safe to say, I'll never run out of projects...even if I live to 100 ! hahaha

I found this kawaii coin purse on Zakka Life. Can you guess what recycled item is used in this coin purse?
image from Zakka Life
It is made with a yogurt container cover!!! Zakka Life followed a tutorial on Idle Hands Empty Brain.  How clever!!!??!!!  This is one of the cutest of green crafts. If you give this a try, I'm sure Idle Hands Empty Brain would love to hear from you.

Happy Day (*^-^*)

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