Project 7 : I think I can I think I can

Are any of you pinning to Pinterest?  Upon  checking my blog stats, I was surprised that Pinterest is driving traffic to my blog...and that's a good thing.  It's not a whole lot but more than usual at times. This of course means others are using my photos from my blog..without permission.  Is that a bad thing?  I'm okay with this practice as long as it's simply to share and links back to my blog or flickr account. The most popular pin? My bento bag tutorial !

I decided to give Pinterest a try, creating my own pin board.  I was really surprised how quickly folks found my pins.  How did they do that?  I pin, then the next day, I find notifications in my inbox of repins by others.  I guess I'll keep experimenting with this Pinterest thing for a bit longer. I've already given up on Twitter.  I didn't get it. 

It's been a while since my last project.  It's not for the lack of working on any projects...first I attempted a felting project to make a hedgehog, which I failed at. Then I tried making a macaron, thinking it be more fitting to my novice skills given its simple round shape.  But nope, that didn't work out either.  I had an after thought to take pics but my hubby had emptied my craft trash bin before I could get to it. Oh, why is (a crafty) life so hard??? !!!

After making a mess of the felting projects, I thought I would do a cross stitch...maybe a clock?  It didn't take long for reality set in. Cross stitching takes hours and hours ! So I shelved all the books, floss, and cross stitch fabric away for another day.  So it was back to sewing. 

No ISBN : A magazine?
See that little bag? It's so cute, with it's gathered bottom.  I like finding new ways to make bags and pouches.  The shape of my bag does not look at all like the pic.  Oh well.

I did change up the style a bit.  I experimented with styling the handle with a wider fabric on the under side to create a border.  I like it.  And of course, pom poms makes it all pretty like.

At this point in the challenge, I think I can make it.  Oh yes, there are thoughts of defeat that creeeep around in my mind but I shut those suckers down right away.  It will be a battle for sure.  Yikes!

I found this one SO CUTE project, a macaron coin purse, on, that I want to try.  For now it will have to remain bookmarked until I have the time.

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Until next time ~
happy day (*^-^*)


  1. I'm on Pintrest! I do have a "board" for my CraftinessbyB things from my etsy shop. I think I might post images from my blog, you just gave me an idea! *laugh* I don't mind if others use my pics so long as they don't claim it is theirs or alter it.

  2. Hi Beth ~ do you ever wonder why we create so much work for ourselves??? Heh. I haven't created a board for my etsy shop ... yet. Hugs~