Project 6 : Whew !

My latest project, is a most adorable felt applique tote.  I hesitated at attempting this project, with a seemingly huge lot of pieces to cut and hand sew, the effort seemed daunting.  But the cute design won me over.

My savior for this project was TRACING paper, using it for pattern pieces, placements, and embroidery lines.
...and you know what?? ... this project turned out to be a joy ... and it didn't take as long as I expected. 

I'm going to have to add this book to my FAV book list ! It is full of delightful bags with simple shapes and pretty designs, from whimsical to modern.

I'm liking the number SIX...only four more projects to TEN.  Oh yeah. know me, I can't leave without talking about FOOD.  I found this incredible Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat bread on the blog cakestudent.

image from
not impressed? well's about this panda bread from the blog taste for adventure?

Both blogs include the how to's...I'm itching to try my hand at this...but not today, for I have to start working on PROJECT 7. 
happy day (^*^)


  1. Ooooo, your selection of books is just too much! You keep making some lovely things and I like this applique. The panda cake is so adorable, I'm not sure I could eat something that cute "^_^"

  2. The purse is gorgeous, it definitely looks time consuming! You really need to bake those breads. I'd love to see your versions!

  3. Beautiful, love those yellow rooftops and all the stitches.

  4. your tote bag is SO CUTE!..with excellent workmanship
    And breads are just so adorable..thank you very much for sharing :D

  5. Hi All ~~ Thank you all for visiting to see my latest project...and for your lovely comments :0) You guys are the BEST ... happy day