Project 4 : I'm ECSTATIC

This book has been haunting me ever since I bought in Seattle about a year ago.  I cannot tell you how many times I have looked through this book, drooling ... wanting so badly to make one of its gorgeous embroidered emblems.

 I've had a few failed attempts...but today I'm ECSTATIC.  For I have accomplished the mission...see?  The project in the book is way cooler but I'm happy.

I found that transferring the embroidery pattern is the number one obstacle I had in prior attempts.  Thanks to the internet I found this most helpful tutorial on the Early Bird Stitcher blog

For this embroidery project, I used the SULKY PEN ....

and tracing paper ..... using a light hand to trace the pattern (if you push down too hard on the pen, you may end up with too thick a line for the embroidery floss to cover entirely).

I ironed the pattern onto the fabric and the transfer pen worked out beautifully.

Not great pics, but here's a look at the yummy-ness inside of this book ~


4 Projects Done - 46 more to Go (what the hell was I thinking???!!)

happy day (^*^)


  1. wow..this is lovely! I saw this book at a bookstore last month and thought the projects were a bit too difficult to tackle..but you made this one so do-able..I love all the details in the book so this might be a good excuse to get it. ;)

    I like the idea of your challenge. You have inspired me..I actually did a couple of projects from books I have (and still a lot more to go). Thank you very much for the inspiration. :)

  2. Hi T.C.
    I must confess I chose an emblem with simple lines...There's another, a horse design that wasn't too 'difficult' . I wish you well with you projects too ..( why do we do this to ourselves??!!! ) haha