My Fav Japanese Craft Books

A facebook friend, Jennifer, who wants to add a few Japanese craft books to her collection, asked a very challenging question : What are my top favorite Japanese craft books?  Yikes ! It was very difficult to narrow it down, and I already anticipate that the many books in my collection will shuffle through this list.  Jennifer, if you're reading warned...Japanese craft books are addictive (^*^)

First Row:
  • Smocking for Beginners : ISBN978-4-8347-2378-0 : In an earlier post I attempted my first smocking project (well, my first since 13-ish years old).  It was fun and I hope to do more smocking projects in the future. 
  • Patchwork book : ISBN978-4-8347-2783-8 : I don't do patchwork, yet. But I do love looking at the projects in this book. Maybe ... one day.
  • Bags with Felt applique: ISBN978-4-592-73260-0 : I really do love this book; filled with inspiring project. Although I never made anything from this book, it inspired a few of my projects using appliques.
Row 2 :
  • Japanese Embroidery: ISBN4-8347-2421-2 : Cute Cute Cute
  • Softies Book : ISBN978-4-471-40062-0 :  This is one of my newest books. How cute are these softies? This book is a definite for my Holy Moly I have too Many Craft Books challenge
  • Cross Point : ISBN978-4-02-190415-8 : Hedgehogs, Cats, Elephants, Seals, Butterflies, Rocking Horse...and so much more.  Designs that are cute and simple
Row 3:
  • Bag Bag Bag Book : ISBN4-391-62071-5 : At a price for just $6.00; this is surely my lucky book!  I got this one at a BOOK OFF store in Hawaii. A lucky find indeed. 
  • Petit a Petit Book : ISBN978-4-14-031170-7 : Filled with projects using dark, rich fabrics and threads; a nice deviant from the many muted linen fabric bags.
  • Half Day Project Book : ISBN978-4-8347-3177-4 : Simple projects are good. I made about 3 things from this book...and that's a good thing. 
 Other books worth a mention are :
Cotton Time and Cotton Paint are craft magazines, that are issued monthly (I think).  Not all editions contain great projects so it's best to be able to view the contents before making a purchase.

If you love embroidery projects, then the book on the left, STITCH IDEES, is treasured-filled.  The book is published several times a year.  Take a look-see at a more current edition, loving the cover !
Not into embroidery? What about crochet? I love Japanese crochet kawaii.  The book, Marache, is also published regularly.

Some tips when buying a Japanese craft book ~
  • I like it when a book includes patterns pieces; so if you find a book you like with patterns..SCORE ~
  • Not all Japanese craft books offer clear-detailed explanations (via images for non-Japanese speaking folks); so it's always a good thing to take a look through the instructions before making a purchase
Happy Day (^*^)


  1. some Japanese books don't have clear explanations even if you speak Japanese lol. I have one with some cute projects in it but all the explanations are written in a bout one paragraph per project!

  2. awww, I'm so thrilled and over the moon that you made this list. Thank you!!! I can't wait to peruse the books you recommended. You're truly awesome! :)
    Jennifer <3

  3. Hi Jojoebi*** There was this one time when I spent about 30 minutes trying to decipher a pattern when I realized .. I was looking at the wrong pattern ... Yup, there's nothing in between my ears...

    1. lol!
      I have given up trying to get my husband to help, I am better off figuring it out by myself!

  4. Hi Kitty Crafter ( love your 'handle') *** have fun with building your collection!!! I can't wait to get back to Seattle to pick up a couple more books :0) .. Oh, and to see my kid.

  5. Don't show me any more gorgeous Japanese craft books, I have too many already. I share your addiction, but you can add books on costuming, patter making & historical garments.

  6. Hey Kat, Thanks for listing your books. I also have many craft books but yours looks good. I will definitely try yours.