The Pain in Learning

Last week I was determined to learn how to do a patchwork from my mom.  But my oh was as if I asked her to share a secret recipe for Colonel Sanders' Kentucky Fried Chicken!  Her explanation, is best described as confusion mixed with a dash of belittlement.

She went on and on about how no one taught her how to sew; directing a small jab at my ego. 

In betwixt the jabs, she lovingly chortled at my attempts.  It took awhile but I FINALLY got it.  I was looking at the patchwork square as one large square but it was actually 4 smaller squares sewn together.  Oh yes, this is the challenge of patchwork; being able to see the design in your head.  It reminds me how artists describe their creative experience as 'seeing colors'. 

So you see, the confusion was all me.  Once I finally 'got it', everything my mom shared made sense. But I still have black and blues from her jabs at my ego!!

For now, I'll stick to my zakka sewing.  Today, I share with you my latest linen tote bag..same deer applique that I love ... but this time I changed up the bag handle.

This bag will be in my etsy shop soon.

I also made a couple more bento bags for the shop ...

a Hello Kitty bow is a must for this bag !
I hopefully will have another tutorial to share soon.

Thank you for stopping by .....

happy day (*^-^*)

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