Kung Hei Fat Choi

!!! Happy Chinese New Year !!!
the Year of the Dragon

Festivities were abound in the last 3 weeks in celebration of the Chinese New Year.  We missed all of them because the grumpy man predicted that every single parking space in every single parking lot would be filled to capacity.  But the universe always has a way for sneaking goodness into one's life..doesn't it?  And so, last week the kids in the school where I do a bit of volunteering were treated to a Chinese Lion Dance ! 

In this pic, one of the students is feeding the 'lion' a red envelope containing money for good luck.

 We shared in the excitement of a couple of students who were a part of the lion dance (they are in the tiny pink lion in the middle)

And that's not all, the teacher whose class that I help with, shared GAU with the class..and ME! .. it was a treat to eat.  [ GAU; a sweet, sticky rice pudding made from brown sugar and rice flour, is one of the foods eaten at Chinese New Years for good luck ]

Oh yes, the universe did good.  

Tonight I plan to make dumplings filled with sweet pork.  I've only made it once prior so wish me luck. 

picture from first attempt
The recipe is from this book.  The book's cover caught my eye as it sat on the shelf amongst all others.  As much as I liked the cover, I found the stories by the author Eileen Yin-Fei Lo, captivating. I would have been fine if I never made a dish from this book; happy to simply read about her life
and her deep respect for her grandmother.

happy day ^-^

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