Honor Thy Inspiration

My mom and I spent the day playing scrabble and eating sushi. A delightful way to spend a Sunday, don't you think? She is a mischievous one at 96 years; often blocking me from using triple word square and almost cackling as she executes her diabolical plan to obliterate me from a seemingly innocent board game.

As we play and eat, she still laments about her lost sewing machine (I posted about this before?). One day I asked her to help me with drawing a blouse pattern. She 'quickly' (as quickly as a 96 year old woman can move) plopped herself on the floor and started right into drawing the pattern while lively chatting about what she learned from her sewing teacher. In that moment she was very happy.

I like that I love sewing too, something we both can share..for some people, it's cooking or baking with their moms or dads, watching a football game, shopping, books, having your nails done all pretty like ...

When mom retired, my guess is that she sewed at least a hundred quilts! I'm not kidding. She sold her quilts at a local swap meet every weekend.

Mom is THE patchwork queen.  Her magic fingers and sewing machine could turn a mish mash of fabric scraps into beautiful blankets.  When I asked her how to cut the fabric..her response? "I don't know what you mean...you just cut"  Thanks, Ma.

This quilt is more mom's usual fare...using Hawaiian designed fabrics.  Of course, the local folks loved them; keeping her busy for many years! Oh I know, the blankets are not elegant.  But my son who lives in Washington and whose blanket is shredding after years of cuddling, loves his grandma's quilt.  As do the other grand kids.  "My grandma made this" are golden words.

Although I like to sew, patchwork scares me..big time.  Maybe one day though...

happy day (*^-^*)

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