Back into Business

I found myself sitting on the floor, deep in scraps of fabric, organizing them by color, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel..only to find oodles more hiding in my Moomin suitcase stashed in the

Perhaps a few patchwork projects are in order? 

Happy to report that my sewing machine is back on the's a pouch that I worked on with a Cinnamon Roll fabric from Japan.

I'm thinking of adding a bit of bling to the pouch with a rhinestone setter for fabric.  I can't wait to get this new toy !!...the  Darice 2704-01 Rhinestone Setter Hot-Fix Applicator Wand (woot!)

Buying (more) fabric is the best part of getting back into sewing!  Here are my latest finds from an etsy shop in Taiwan (the shipping was amazingly fast and very reasonable!) ...

happy day (*^-^*)

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