Here I was happily working on an IPAD sleeve with this most kawaii fabric when .... OOPS!!! ...

... the owls are flying upside down!!...po' things...life is hard that way....

Any hoo(t) I made another and this time the owls are happy happy ! ....

Both IPAD sleeves are in my etsy shop ... yes, I am selling the upside down owl sleeve..but at HALF PRICE plus 20% off....a steal deal this one is ! 

The right side up happy happy owl IPAD sleeve is 20% off...a nice Christmas present for an owl lover or just a lover :o)

I made this style of IPAD sleeve in the spirit of zakka sewing, spotting ever so dainty envelope pouches in my Japanese craft magazine.  I want to make more of these with different fabrics...but not sure if people will like them...I'd sure like to hear your thoughts. What will you get in return?  A BIIIIIGG HUG

Pouches Pouches Pouches

I have a case of Pouch-a-litis.  I heard the only cure is to remove one's sewing machine from the home.  (hold on.. my husband is upsetting me at this moment..it drives me crazy when he talks nonsense to me when I'm typing...breathe..slowly..) Okay, back to my affliction. 

Here are couple of new pouches made by me and my sewing machine...

A pretty pouch with gathers

And a Sweet Bird Embroidered in Black

I wonder if I'll still have Pouch-a-litis tomorrow....I HOPE SO ^^

happy day (^*^)

P.S. Both Pouches are now in my etsy shop.  Don't forget there's a 20% discount sale going on ^^