Snowman Or Snowbird?

Remember my smelly pinata from my previous post? He finally dried out, is 'smell' free, and ready to be transformed by the fairy wand ... 'cough'....change that to fairy glue stick.

I kinda sorta followed this pinata tutorial shared by SKIP TO MY LOU
Oh the joys of doing a craft project...sticky fingers, bits of crepe paper stuck here and there, inhaling craft spray glue...yup, Martha Stewart I'm not.  Ready for the big unveiling?  Close your eyes until I say, two, three...OPEN

HaHaHa...he is so funny looking...This is why I'll say that this guy is a work in progress.  I keep thinking he looks more like a bird! his nose to pointed?  Oh well.  Poor thing is destined to end up totally annihilated by my nieces and nephews; who are quite a spirited bunch.  

Okay, enough chit snowman is asking for a hat .. and a mouth !  He'll probably be asking for christmas cookie next. sigh.

Happy Day (*^-^*)

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