A Mad Dash

I started on this post last night, lying in bed with my computer on my stomach.  I was so very tired.  I love the holiday season, but I would love it better if I could simply enjoy.  No gift giving, No parties, No Nothing.  Just enjoy.  I went to the shopping center one day, it was a beautiful day...fresh cool winds, blue skies...Hawaiian music...  I would have liked to sit with a cup of tea and enjoy...watching the shoppers, the children...listening to the music...as if watching a play; with people bustling on stage and me, in the quiet, still audience..simply enjoying.

Oh yes, no rest for the weary this time of year...baking for Thanksgiving, volunteering the entire weekend at a craft fair at the Hawaii United Okinawan Center to feed about 150 volunteers a day, meeting friends for lunch, making 2 Bucilla Christmas Felt Stockings for grand nephews in Ohio, sending off a goodie box to son in Seattle, making felt gift card holders for my pen pal friends in North Carolina, mailing etsy purchases (all 3 of them!! LOL), shopping at the Ala Moana Shopping Center, Pearlridge Shopping Center, multiple trips to Target and Walmart (buying stuffs & returning stuffs), so many hours perusing  AMAZON, trips to fabric store to find fabric for my next HUGE holiday project (more on that later), going to craft fairs (of course), planning our annual Family Christmas party...whew!...I think I'll go back to bed now.

I did do one thing for myself the other day; going to Starbucks for tea and a gingerbread biscotti.  Yes, it was nice to breathe a moment, and simply enjoy.

For now I leave you with my felt gift card holders....
this guy was patterned after one I saw in the store
and this fellow was patterned from a drawing my artist son did for me, his thankful mom
.... until next time .... simply enjoy ....

happy day (*^-^*)

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  1. I feel your holiday rush! I'd love to just have a few people over, bake something nice and sit for the afternoon :) But having just moved to K.Y. we now ge tto explore all the new places. That also means finding the postal office {laugh}