Ahhhh..Huge Project...All Done

By the window is a paper mache snowman pinata; still soggy from two days ago; patiently waiting for a bit of sunshine to help it dry out.  Aaa..it is starting to stink a bit and seems to have contracted measles; with little spots here and there.  It’s been raining off and on for the past few days; which doesn’t help Mr. Snowman  at all.  If worse comes to worse, I could spray him with a bit of Lysol and for the spots?…the crepe paper will do the job to cover his ’blemishes’.   Or if worse comes to worse comes to worse; never fear…Walmart is near!
took him out for a bit of sun but the rain started up in minutes..poor thing
I had a great morning!  I volunteer at a nearby elementary school; helping a 3rd grade class with reading assignments.  I wanted to give kids (all 29 of them) a little something for Christmas but the challenge was keeping the cost down.  After a bit of pondering, I decided to sew each a water bottle holder instead of making a goodie bag filled with snacks and little what nots.  The kids LOVED them.  One of the girls hugged her holder. SO CUTE.

I made 16 of these ...
... and 13 of these
But my great morning didn’t end there.  The class joined in with other 3rd graders to help the Kindergarteners with making gingerbread houses.  I was thrilled to watch the kids work together to create the most lovely gingerbread houses.  The kids never hesitated to think about what to do; their little hands constantly moving, each decorating their little houses in different ways with marshmallows, teddy grahams, m&ms,  jelly beans, candy corn.  I felt blessed to be in their company.


  1. wow. you were busy!
    q1. did you use a pattern for the water bottle holders? my son will need one in April and I haven't got round to making a pattern for it yet - months away mind, I work better under pressure lol

    2. what are they using to make the gingerbread houses? I want to do this with ebi-kun and his girlfriends down the road but can't get the ingredients to make proper ginerbread.g

  2. HI JO ~

    I'll send you a few notes on the water bottle holder via email...maybe I'll do a tutorial next year :0)

    For the gingerbread houses...
    * small milk carton (or something similar) shaped like a house
    * frosting : I saw a bag of confectioners' sugar on a table so I assume a frosting mix was made with the sugar and water. The consistency was similar to frosting for a cake.
    * graham crackers from a box : simple is good.
    * tons of candies, marshmallows big and small, sprinkles, etc.

    I liked that they place the milk cartons on a paper place..some of the kids decorated the plate so it looked like the gingerbread house was in a forest of candies or a snow covered field..very pretty.


  3. I kind of love that idea for a 'snow'man :)