Pouches Pouches Pouches

I have a case of Pouch-a-litis.  I heard the only cure is to remove one's sewing machine from the home.  (hold on.. my husband is upsetting me at this moment..it drives me crazy when he talks nonsense to me when I'm typing...breathe..slowly..) Okay, back to my affliction. 

Here are couple of new pouches made by me and my sewing machine...

A pretty pouch with gathers

And a Sweet Bird Embroidered in Black

I wonder if I'll still have Pouch-a-litis tomorrow....I HOPE SO ^^

happy day (^*^)

P.S. Both Pouches are now in my etsy shop.  Don't forget there's a 20% discount sale going on ^^


  1. ohh I love your pouches, especially the pretty one at the top. I'm not surprised you have pouchitis. I on the other hand have all the relevant parts of pouches sitting waiting to be machined together. I think I have pouch phobia!

    Kate x

  2. Hi Lilipopo!
    Oh oh..pouch phobia...now that is serious...Close your eyes and dive in :o)