Here I was happily working on an IPAD sleeve with this most kawaii fabric when .... OOPS!!! ...

... the owls are flying upside down!!...po' things...life is hard that way....

Any hoo(t) I made another and this time the owls are happy happy ! ....

Both IPAD sleeves are in my etsy shop ... yes, I am selling the upside down owl sleeve..but at HALF PRICE plus 20% off....a steal deal this one is ! 

The right side up happy happy owl IPAD sleeve is 20% off...a nice Christmas present for an owl lover or just a lover :o)

I made this style of IPAD sleeve in the spirit of zakka sewing, spotting ever so dainty envelope pouches in my Japanese craft magazine.  I want to make more of these with different fabrics...but not sure if people will like them...I'd sure like to hear your thoughts. What will you get in return?  A BIIIIIGG HUG


  1. What cute fabric! Do you happen to know of any online shops with similar fabric? Or any of the other cute fabric you sew with? I don't have an iPad but I do have a new cell phone.... I think it needs a case now :D

  2. Hi Bee ~ I bought this fabric from a local store but there's this website that has reasonably priced fabrics and free shipping over $35 purchase.


    They carry Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller, etc fabrics. Don't buy off brand fabrics from the site; may be poor quality as I found out. Best to stick with name brands that you are familiar with. I know one person had an issue with late shipping so you might want to give them a try to see if you are okay with their service

    For most of my Japan imports I bought them on a trip to Japan. I WANT TO GO AGAIN to SHOP .. but my hubby said NO. heh.