A Zakka Style Zipper Pull Pouch Tutorial

Hi All ~ Remember this pouch? I promised a tutorial for you to try if you like.  I modified it a little bit from the method shown in my Japanese craft book.  The lining in the book's how-to was hand sewn...which is okay if you plan to do a couple of pouches but tiring when its the fifth pouch and counting.  So this pouch is done in using the 'traditional' zipper pouch method where the lining is machine sewn to the zipper. 

Okay, ready? ... ^*^

Zakka Sewing Tutorial for A Zipper Pouch with a Tag Pull
  • Main Fabric : 2 pieces 7" h x 9"w
  • Lining Fabric : 2 pieces 7" h x 9" w
  • Interfacing : 2 pieces 7" h x 9" w
  • Zipper : 9" 
Note : You may cut your fabric on the fold if the pattern is non-directional instead of using two pieces. There's no need to adjust the measurements if you do so because, hey this is pouch, no exact measurements required

Use presser foot to sew seams; aligning foot along fabric edge

  • Embellish your pouch at this time if you like
  • Prepare zipper : Measure 1.5" from the metal on the end of the zipper (mark the back side of the zipper)
  • Place zipper face down to right side of main fabric and sew zipper with a zipper foot; repeat for second piece of main fabric : IMPORTANT : Do not sew beyond the 1.5" marker
  • Pin lining to zipper; right side of lining to zipper (the zipper is sandwiched between the main fabric and lining);  Sew over zipper sewing line on main fabric

  • Flip fabric pieces so that the right sides are now facing out; with main fabric + lining on one side of the zipper and main fabric + zipper on the opposite side of the zipper.  Flatten the pouch; lightly press if you like, then top stitch about 1/8" along the edge where the fabric meets the zipper.  You will sew through the main+zipper+lining.
Note : I do my zipper in two steps, first sewing to the main fabric then secondly, sewing to the lining.  If you like, you can sew the zipper to the main and lining in one step : Place zipper right side down to the right side of the main then place in the lining right side down on the zipper; sandwiching the zipper in between the two fabrics; sew.  DON'T sew beyond 1.5" mark.

  • IMPORTANT : Open your zipper part way
  • Pin sides together : right side of Main Fabric to right side of Main Fabric and likewise for lining. Carefully line up the edges by the zipper (top edge); turning bulky seams toward the lining.  
  • For the side where the zipper tag is; fold top seams down and pin
  • Starting at the zipper edge; sew entirely around the main fabric
  •  Now sew around the lining; LEAVE a 2" to 3" gap at the bottom for turning the pouch right side out (If you had cut the fabric on the fold; then leave a gap on one side of the lining)
  • Turn pouch right side out
  • Pull the zipper tag out if it's stuck
  • Hand sew gap under the zipper tag
  • Sew gap in bottom
Note : If you like; sew rounded corners (find your favorite cup or bowl to draw sewing lines onto your pouch; keep the seams in mind) or sew a 2.5" boxed corner

  • Trim the zig zag end of the pouch

  • Cover the end with a piece of fabric, trim, or ribbon
  • Approximate Finished size : 8" wide x 6 3/4" h



  1. I love your tutorials, they are very visual and your fabric choice is lovely. Have an awesome day!

  2. Hi Yadira ~~ THANK YOU ^^ I hope you try a tutorial and let me know how it worked for you ^^ hugs, kat

  3. your tutorials are awesome.
    I just came across your blog.I live in India .i donot have access to such craft books.
    I just love to make a pouch with smoking. so can you email me the tutorial for the pouch.
    Thanks for the nice work