Happy Roofing

Oh what a week!  Our roof is under repair...heavy pounding, nailing, and scraping for hours and days.  And for that little extra irritation, a blaring radio and oh, the loud singing.  But what's to complain about?..a happy worker is a happy roof, I say.

I could not sew.  I was paralyzed by the never-ending din.  Happily I finished one pouch before the clatter and yesterday (Saturday). 

Red Riding Hood Pouch : Greeting Farm Image

Alice in Wonderland Pouch : Greeting Farm Image
The cute fabric is a recent purchase, a Megumi Sakakibara design.  So cute.

The roof work will be completed tomorrow ( fingers crossed).  So no more excuses...on to the sewing room!

happy day (*^-^*)


  1. Those pouches are adorable. I love purple (I type this as I'm wearing my fave purple silk blouse) and with the lace trim? Gorg! Roofing.. I guess it's about that time.. I've seen a dozen houses in the neighborhood either re-roofing or re-painting. They are really noisy, I totally agree with the stunt of creativity and they weren't even working on my house!

  2. Hi Randi ~~ the roofing work is still going on..ugh..And there's their radio blasting right outside the window where I sew...double ugh.
    happy day..kat