I have been in a terrible way with the holidays coming.  Sad that I don't have any little ones to create the kind of chaos that makes for lovely memories further in time. 

What is a holiday without kids?  No happy noises.  No laughing.  No jumping and running with excitement. No cute faces looking at you, filled with awe. No nagging ^^  No messy messes ^^  No one to sew a cute costume for.  Oh, I have LOTS of nieces and nephews ... too many I'm afraid.  In the last 8 years or so, my nieces and nephews have been spewing out babies as if in a competition; with one of my nieces birthing her 5th baby just about a month past, now one ahead of her sister with 4 brats (as she lovingly refers to them) of her own.

Kids or no Kids; the holidays bring out the need to create!  ^^  Here are a couple of things made a few years back that I wanted to share with you.

the MUMMY card
This card is a quickie to make.  Start with a letter envelope; cut to size; across the width of the envelope to make a pocket. Wrap the envelope with gauze (check the Halloween section for gauze or the pharmacy section of the store) ; glue at the start and end to hold down the wrap.  Glue on BIG GOOGLY eyes. I inserted a Halloween greeting into the envelope..but I think the little one may be much happier with a candy bar and the larger kids, a gift card perhaps?  ^^  This is also a fun way to decorate a candy bar  ^^

Here's another project...Mr. Cool Hoot; a candy pouch ^^

Click here for pattern (print on 8.5"x11" paper)

  • Different colored felt pieces for the BODY, FELT STRIPS, FACE, EYES/FEET
  • Embroidery Thread for the eyes (optional) I used one set of felt eyes and embroidered the eyes in place but you can you 2 sets of felt eye pieces to complete the eyes instead.
  1. Start with a 6" W x 5 1/4" H felt piece for the body. DO NOT use the pattern to cut the felt into the body shape just yet.
  2. Cut felt strips into 1/2" to 3/4" widths.  Don't worry about the length; any excess will be trimmed as you sew the strips in place. Cut 3 strips to begin with and more as you need.
  3. Mark 2" from the top; this is the stopping point for the felt strips
  4. Draw a center line to help center your felt strips for the body
  5. Lay the triangle on top on the felt piece as in the picture; lining up the tip with the center line; top stitch in place.
  6. Lay one strip down, lining to the center line as shown in the picture. Trim any felt that extends beyond the base of the body.  Top stitch in place. 
  7. Layer another strip down to the opposite side of the triangle piece. Top stitch in place. Trim. 
  8. Repeat this layering until the 2" mark.
  1. Place the body pattern on the felt piece and cut. 
  2. Cut out felt pieces for the face, eyes, feet, and top of head. Embroider eyes (optional)
  3. Sew face, eyes and feet in place
  4. For the owl's back felt piece : CUT IN TWO STEPS...First cut a top piece following the cut line on the pattern; then cut the bottom piece, again following the cut line on the pattern. Lay the pieces to the wrong side of the front piece.  The TWO back pieces should overlap to form the pouch opening to slip the candy into the owl.  Sew front and back pieces together.
  5. Sew top to owl's head. 
  6. Fill with candy, gift card, small toys, crayons....oh, just have fun and make a kid happy! 
happy day ^^

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  1. These are such cute projects! My spouse and I don't need children to feel we are a family "^_^" But we have plenty of nieces, nephews and adopted ones (our friends children). I can't keep track of ages and who is doing what anymore LOL I hope to start making more holiday/seasonal themed items for my Etsy shop.