A Miracle & A New Skills Festival

Hello. I just returned from a jaunt to Portland and Seattle; henceforth known as our PIG OUT ADVENTURE. Our Number One Son planned our trip, something he is very, very good at; working in sights that we've never seen or experienced.  Our itinerary reflected where he is in this time of his life; FOOD FOOD FOOD; which is not necessarily a bad thing but I tell you I was deathly afraid of looking like a DUMBO by the end of the trip.

This pic will give you a sense of our family's culinary point of view...greasy fattiness piled upon more greasy fattiness....yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy !

Here is a low down of our PIG OUT adventure.... Pok Pok's to die for fish sauce wings, evil VOODOO donuts, dining in a school bus dining room chomping down double grilled cheese hamburger sandwiches from The Grilled Cheese Grill, banana nutella waffles from the Waffle Window, street food (pizza, tacos, falafel, ice cream sandwich) from the Fremont Sunday Market, Burger of the Gods hamburger and Malted Whopper Shake from the Lunchbox Laboratory, sweet cream buns from Uwajimaya's food court, the most delicious hot dogs at Po Dog Hot Dogs, clam chower from Pike Place Chowder, the "I'm still dreaming about" Honey Lavender ice cream from Molly Moon's, Mighty O's vegan donuts, delicious hamburgers and the world's best onion rings from Red Mill Burgers, cherry pie at the infamous Twin Peaks Double R diner : Twede's Cafe,  casino food at Tulalip Casino, Hawaii local style flavors (tacos and fried rice) at the Marination Station, Yogurtland, delighting in regular ole' baseball food (hot dogs, nachos, peanuts) at a Seattle Mariners game (they won!!), pasta somewhere on Bainbridge Island, more pastry goods from Sluy's Bakery, gorgeous sushi at the Umi Sake House, crumpets lathered with honey at the Crumpet Shop, Ezell's best fried chicken ( an OPRAH fav ), pizza and calzones at Stellar's..and then some!

The miracle? I did not gain any weight!!! The secret? Share an order...half the calories, half the fat...and that's a good thing.

Oh but you're not here for food....come and join in the craft party going on at Jojoebi's A Bit of This and a Bit of That blog ! Jo is hosting several a NEW SKILLS FESTIVAL all month long.  

Jo has recruited different close to 25 crafters; including ME, to share projects throughout September.  The fun has already started!  I am so excited to learn new skills from other crafters. 

Here are links to the first projects posted

Dream Boards with Jamie
Etegami with Debbie
Bento Wrap with Zhing
Needle Felting Ninja with Liz

...until next time....

happy day (*^_^*)


  1. Welcome to our little food heaven here in the Pacific Northwest!

  2. Oh yes my friends; that burger was delish!!! My son already wants to return to Portland to feast on food truck eats...oh my.