Merry Christmas ! A Christmas Stocking Tutorial

I'm feeling a bit nervous about Christmas; noticing crafters loading up their etsy shops with Christmas things; and it's only SEPTEMBER! oh my.  And here I am cleaning my kitchen for the past 3 days!  HaHa.  But I did manage to finish a tutorial before I started cleaning; now having the time to share it with you all before I start attacking the freezer! ...and you guessed it..A CHRISTMAS STOCKING!!!   ^ ^ 

My Zakka Style Drawstring Christmas Stocking

I read an article, "Practice Makes Perfect" on Oh My Handmade Goodness.  April Bowles, the author, shares her thoughts on the principles of 'deliberate practice'; on how to improve one's skills through truly dedicating time each day to learn, practice, gather feedback, then learn, practice and gather feedback again and again.

April's words inspired me to try harder at my craft; wanting to create lovely vignettes with felt and fabric; always obsessed with adorning a sewn piece with something 'cute'.  So here I start with this Zakka Style Drawstring Christmas Stocking with a felt tree designed by my son.  I have a lot more learning and practicing to do; liking the idea of having a goal of some sort. Hmm..on second thought, I think learning more on pattern making might be a better place to start......darn, my indecisiveness is why I get NOWHERE! ^ ^ However crooked my road might be; the journey is still a delight ^ ^

Back to CHRISTMAS ~ I love this drawstring style Christmas stocking! It comes together rather quickly; a fun way to package gifts and baked goodies !  I came up with the pattern on my own..but hey, it's a drawstring bag shaped as a stocking..duh.

(here's a pdf file to accompany this pictorial tutorial..if the pdf doesn't work; please please let me know..thank you ^ ^ )

  • Exterior Fabric : 2 pieces 16" long x 12" wide
  • Lining Fabric : Same as Exterior
  • Interfacing : Same as Exterior
  • Cord : 14" to 20"
  • Cut a pattern for your stocking
  • Note : For my stocking : Top is approximately 7 1/4" wide and 10" wide from toe to heel; the stocking is 11.5" long at the heel and 13" long at the toe.
  • Use pattern to cut 2 pieces from Exterior Fabric
  • Use pattern to cut 2 pieces from Lining Fabric
  • Use pattern to cut 2 pieces from interfacing; follow manufacturer's instructions for fusing to exterior fabric

For the exterior fabric, I chose an Osnaburg fabric; commonly known as the ' poor man's linen'; is a linen-type muslin; that I found in a little fabric shop on Bainbridge Island in Seattle. I LOVE this fabric; perfect for my ZAKKA projects. Osnaburg is lightweight and has a "nubby" texture that is very soft to the touch and is crease resistant. To keep the natural look and feel of the Osnaburg fabric, I chose Stacy Shape Flex Fusible; a woven interfacing.

Embellish your stocking if you wish. Or use the cutest or most glorious designed fabric you can find and let the fabric be the showcase in your stocking ^^

Sewing Exterior Stocking Pieces
  • Mark 2 inches from the top
  • Place stocking pieces right sides together; using pressure foot as a guide to sew seams; sew around edges starting at 2” mark and ending at 2” mark (do not sew beyond the 2” line)
  • Clip curves
  • Turn stocking right side out; set aside
  • The open seams will form the drawstring tunnel. 
  • Finish open seams by turning down seams; press; sew
Sewing Lining 
  • Place lining right sides together; using pressure foot as a guide to sew seams; sew completely around edge 
  • Clip curve
    Putting It Together 
    • Place the stocking into the lining; right sides together
    • Sew along top edge; joining the stocking and lining together
    • Pull the stocking and lining right side out through the top opening
    • Push lining into the stocking; leave a little of the lining showing on the outside if you wish
    • Top stitch around the top edge of the stocking

    • Measure 1 1/4" from the top and mark. Sew along this line to form the drawstring tunnel
    • String your cord through the tunnel ( I used one (1) drawstring cord for this stocking but go ahead and use 2 cords if you want to make it more like a handbag )

      I hope you enjoy this project

      happy day ^ ^


      1. What a great little tree- credit to your son! A lovely stocking and the woven interfacing looks like good stuff- can't see any wrinkles!

      2. Hi Kerry ! thanks ^^ I count myself lucky to have such a creative son who helps out his mom in his spare time with her silly crafts; that are outside of his comfort zone ^^

      3. Love these. We need 10,000. To fill and ship tp Our Troops, by Nov 1, details look at how you can help go down to sewing on: or email me at

      4. This is adorable. I hope to make one tomorrow!!