A Craft Hope Project

Have you heard of Craft Hope?  It is the love child of founder Jade Sims.  Her mission is simple..sharing handmade items with those in need; banding together crafters throughout the world to help others. 

I decided to join in the latest Christmas in Dixie Project to make stockings for families who lost everything in the tornadoes this past fall.  Craft Hope is partnering with Christmas in Dixie for Tornado Survivors to collect 12,000 Christmas stockings...12,000!!! You can hop over to the Craft Hope site to find out more if you'd like to help out.

After returning from our trip, my first order of "crafty business" was to get busy with making my stockings.  Here's one ~

and another ~

I loved making these stockings! There was a sec when a thought of just making stockings crept into my brain.....nah...I'd probably get tired after the the 10th stocking. :o(

Happy Day (*^_^*)


  1. Awesome. Those are too cute! I'm sure anyone would be thrilled to receive those stockings. ^_^

    I'm participating in something like this that another fellow blogger has set up. Making handmade things for Japan and Christchurch. Head on over and check it out if you want. :)



  2. I donated last year to a local childrens home. It's a home for children ages 8 to 15 who are displaced or taken away by the courts. I asked the lady in charge if they had any craft supplies, she said only paper and crayons. Well I couldn't let that happen! I sent printed paper, origami paper, beads, thread and yarn, plus some of my plushies and toys. I wish everyone would part take in helping out their communities more.

  3. craft hope is a great cause, do you have the book too? and what is the main fabric in the first two pics, I LOVE it!

  4. @rebma ~ thank you so much for sharing the other links :o) I'm thinking of sewing up a couple of crayon rolls for the kids...I'm tickled to be here and making connections with kindred spirits!

  5. @ Bee~ Hello there my friend. Isn't it wonderful how crafters can share what they love with others in need? You are awesome!

  6. @ Jojoebi ~ A BIG HELLOOO to you ! The fabric is a Michael Miller fabric : Holiday Ditzy (nice name!). It may be an old design; been on my shelf for about a year I think. I love it too and how it made the stocking all pretty-like. I don't have the Craft Hope book :o( P.S. The NEW SKILLS FESTIVAL is fabulous ! Thanks for letting me join in .. so exciting!