It's A Party !

It is no surprise that I LOVE perusing web sites that are all about craft and food.  Ohhh, but as of late another world has opened to me...PARTY websites.  Hold on to your party hats and check out this heart thumping VINTAGE SEWING party featured on the PURE JOY EVENTS party blog.

all party images are property of PURE JOY EVENTS
INVITATIONS wrapped around a wooden spool !
A sewing basket cake and cookies decorated to fit a sewing theme !
A sewing craft ~ the girls created their own initialed wall hanging !
There is so much more cuteness shared by Christine, a mom with a love for crafting and parties!  I don't have any little ones but hey, I like cute and who knows maybe one day I'll be blessed with a grand kid.  If not, as my hubby tells me..I may just have to settle for Toaster, my son's cat.  Cat Party anyone? meow.

Now for the craft note...on my previous post I showed a pic of a pouch that was in the beginning stages. Well, it's all done. This time I decided to attempt a 'zipper tag' that I spotted in this book  ~
I love this book
see the zipper tags?
here's my pouch
a close up of the zipper tag
The sad thing is that I didn't write down the instructions as I went along. I interpreted the pictures in the book but had to tweak here and there to make it work. So this project is going on my to do list to create a tutorial to share.  But before then ... I need to get me some longer zippers!

Happy Day (*^-^*)

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