Hello There

Hello.  I've been missing for awhile; disheartened that no one has cried a word of concern; not even a single email to check if I'm all right; after all it's very dangerous living on a tiny island.  I could have fallen in the ocean, or into a fierce volcano, or swallowed by the illegal boa constrictor found recently abandoned by its owner, or trampled by the feral donkeys on the loose on the Big Island.   LOL.

Looking at recent photos in my camera; I was busy outside of my sewing 'corner'; distracted by the days of summer ! ...

I took my nephew fishing

 and shared in his delight on his victory; however tiny !

Paddlers passing by

Then off to an o-bon festival; an annual Japanese Buddhist tradition that honors the spirit of ancestors passed. In Hawaii, the festivals serve as both a ceremony of spiritual remembrance and a celebration of cultural heritage and community; where everyone is welcomed to dance and EAT.

Sadly, instead of a kimono, I donned on an apron and slaved over a hot wok making ANDAGI; Okinawan donuts; an Island Favorite !

a dear friend


 We finished off the month of July with a trip to an EAT THE STREET event; a gathering of local food trucks; serving up ono kine grindz (Hawaii's way of saying "delicious eats"). This is a new truck featuring yummy fried chicken and FRIED spam musubi (rice ball). Did I tell you how much Hawaii folks LOVE canned meats??

Hope to be back soon with a tut ~ till then

Happy Day (*^_^*)


  1. mmmm yummy treats, enjoy the rest of the summer, oh yeah, you are in Hawaii so most days are lovely!!! looking forward to the tute!

  2. I never understand why bloggers always post, "I know I've been MIA, thank you for all the kind emails checking in with me blah-dee-blooh-blah." I figure, you post, you post. You don't, you're busy. But I guess that's just my approach to blogging. Anyway, I read ALL your blog posts, which I love, and feel slightly jealous at your mad skillz. But, I never worry about your dangerous island life, as I too face the same issues (although, now I don't know how I will know about them if I don't suck it up buy a subscription >.< doh)

  3. This looks great. I'd love to go to Hawaii some day.

  4. Hi ZiaMaria ~ I wish you a great summer as well !

  5. Hi Randi ~ I feel the same way about blogging too! Maybe one day we'll bump into each other at a craft fair perhaps?

  6. Hi Yadira ~ Hawaii is a hodge-podge of cultures; great for new food experiences! yum.

  7. So is Puerto Rico, of course with different cultures in the mix. Have a nice day!