A BIG MAHALO : Thank You

Wow..I have 101 followers..that is amazing. I thank you all so very much for visiting with me. I am ecstatic you are here; happy that I'm not talking to myself as I did with my first blog of many years ago; delighted to share my love for Japanese style crafting.

I remember my very first follower and first ETSY customer, Lindy, a friend in Singapore I've yet to meet in person.  Lindy, who fell in love with my Kokeshi doll crochet case design, inspired me to create other Kokeshi lovelies  such as this coin purse and ipod cozy. THANK YOU Lindy for being there always ~

Before I sign off,  I am dying to share a couple of new fabulous Japanese crochet books that I know you'll LOVE too.

The first one is all about HEARTS  
I'm loving these garlands!

And this second one is filled with crochet items for girls

  take a look at the darling designs on the back cover of this book
Oh yes, I am going to have a lot of fun with these books!

For now, I'm busy making things for my etsy shop...
more deer wristlets to finish
and another to start....
happy day (*^-^*)


  1. Congratulations on your 101 followers. I know what it feels like to feel as if you are talking to yourself, I only have 1 follower on my new blog lol

  2. Parabéns pelos 100 seguidores!!!!

  3. Congratulations! I know the feeling, this is the first time I have a blog in which I'm not talking to myself. I've had a few blogs before but this is the most special one.

    I LOVE those crochet Japanese books, they look SO cute and interesting, I'd love it if you shared any project you make using them. Those deer wristlets are beyong cute. Have a nice day!

  4. Hi All ~ Thanks for your congrats! .. and for being here ~

    Desi ~ Starting a new blog can be nerve-wrecking for sure!

    Liloca, Liloquinha ~ I had to do a google translate! LOL. Thank you so very much :0)

    Yadira ~ Oh yeah, I will be sharing my projects using items from these books with you all. So excited.

    hugs (*^_^*)

  5. Hello, I am your new follower. Love your work!

  6. Hi Speckled Hen ~ WELCOME :0) I'm very happy for your company .. I hope to share more from my Japanese craft books; filled with inspiration for what I do. Thank you ;0)