I Heart Felt

Today, the outdoors are simply beautiful, although a bit under the weather, I spent time in the yard sitting under our pua kenikeni flower tree.  So peaceful. Perfect for healing. (as long as the bird doesn't drop on a nasty on my head..all is good)

So why the heck am I blogging when in need of rest? ... Beeee-cause, I am anxious to share this posting. I have worked on yet another felt applique bag.  Bethanee suggested on my facebook to share how I do these appliques.

They are rather simple so this is not a tutorial in the sense of showing step by step pics.  But I do want to share the inspirations I find for felt appliques, starting with this Japanese craft book filled with THE most beautiful heart thumping felt designs. 

I love how the designer seems to create a story on her bags using felt.  It is true artistry. 

Speaking of artistry, look at this elegant felt cozy made by Larissa of mmmcrafts. 

Larissa also makes these delightful felt dolls that she sells in her etsy shop.  Damn she's talented. (drool with envy)

Oh well, now I feel silly for showing you my latest felt applique bag. Yes, it's another deer. Am I in a rut or what?  But we're all friends so be kind, please.

my humble bag
I'm no artist so my appliques are from craft books, etc. or in the case of this fellow, he is a sweetie on the FABRIC itself.  Look-y here (*^_^*)

I hope one day to make designs to all my own but I won't sweat over it if I don't.  It's hard to keep going at times when I see the amount of talent out there doing same but more. But what the heck! I'm happy to do what I do and that's all I can do (thanks Popeye). 

happy day


  1. Kat, you are fantastic! :D You should have taken a rest, we can wait to see your amazing works of sewing. Those books are drool worthy, just stunning! And the Does never get old to me, they are so sweet!

  2. I think this is absolutely ADORABLE. Although I'm a newer follower of your blog, I really love you style and fabric/color choices. I want everything in your Etsy shop. So cute!

  3. HI Bethanee ~ thanks so much for your suggestion to do a post on felt appliques! It gave me a chance to make yet another deer bag! heh.

  4. HI Binks ~ WELCOME ! .. another lover of all things kawaii .. woohoo (*^_^*)