I Count Myself Lucky

I'm immensely enjoying myself today...watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and blogging while the hubby is at lunch with friends.  I love fictional fantasies; the Lord of the Rings, Terry Prachett's disc world series,  the Golden Compass, The Chronicles of Narnia ... I love them for the same reasons I love period stories...sneaking off to places far away from the realities of the day; to  places where  language was an art form; beautifully poetic it seems. 

Blogging plants me in this world, from this tiny island, off to far lands sharing the Pacific Ocean, to countries on the other side of the continent.  In my journey here with you, my life enriched with new friends and yes, even new adventures, creates my very own story.

I count myself lucky. 

At this moment, I want to stay here; surrounded by friends like Yana who lives in Siberia (!),
Kerry of Very Kerry Berry, and Bethanee of Craftiness by Bethanee; bonded by a common love for our sewing machines!

I am encouraged by their presence and yours to keep sewing.  These, my latest wristlets, are now part of my zakka inspire collection.

happy day


  1. I love the little fuzzy appliques Kat! Here's to global friendship!

  2. Kat, you are so kind! Thank you very much for the shout-out :D I adore your blog of crafting goods and tutorials you share. I'm lazy at blogging but I am always adding to my Etsy shop. I lovethe kitty wristlet! You design such pretty things!

  3. Hi Diana ~ ME too! I love deer motifs and am working another one for my next posting~ (*^-^*)