A Bow Pouch and Then Some

I have a nice collection of Japanese craft book, a passion I pursue.  I fall in love with Japanese style crafting over and over with each perusal through one of my books.  My hubby and son moan whenever I get excited about going to San Francisco or Seattle where there's a Kinokuniya Store just waiting for me. heh.

Good news too is having a Japanese book store, Hakubundo, in Hawaii.  The store is in town, a bit away from where we live, any closer and my hubby may tie me to my sewing machine table !

My latest project was out of the latest addition to my collection ~

I fell in love with these bow pouches in the book ~

  I decided to make a bow pouch using a Hello Kitty fabric because Hello Kitty is all about the bows!

My pouch doesn't look like the picture in the book...hmmm, I think something was lost in the translation! I will have to try this pouch again but hopefully I can think of a way to make it my own.

Speaking of making it my own, here's a small project inspired by another craft book.

There was an ad with a picture of these cute little bags ~

Using scrap fabrics I made this version of a mini handbag pincushion.  The style and size were dictated by the size of the scrap fabrics.


happy day ~


  1. I love you HK pouch! and those pincushions!!! Keep up the good work.


  2. omg...i've been thinking and wanting to make a pouch with a bow just like that one. too cute! :)

  3. These are so flippin cute. Where do you find HK fabric? I only been able to find one, and it was for babies....definitely not as hip as this you used for the bag.

  4. Hi all ;0)

    (blush) .. Thanks for liking the Hello Kitty pouch! I hope you are inspired to make a bow pouch too!

    BumbleBri ~ I bought this fabric in Japan. But you can get really cute Hello Kitty fabric on Etsy, my fav place to shop for sewing supplies.

    Happy Day

  5. oh I found that picture of the hello kitty pouch on google and I made my own too!