A Trip to the Pier

Yesterday we drove to the windward side of the island, taking the freeway, the Pali highway, then through tunnels burrowed into the mountains. When the kids were kiddies, a game played was to see who could hold their breath until the end of the tunnel.  No blackouts, just 'nanni nanni boo boos' for the losers!

I love this side of the island, where mountain greens, sky blues, and sea glass converge into a visual fiesta of mother nature's best dress.  In fact, President Obama likes it here too, taking up residence in an abode by the sea while on vacations back home in the islands. 

We stopped at the Heeia Kea Pier General Store and Deli for lunch, a charming place with picnic tables out front; surrounded by the ocean, people fishing off the pier, kayakers, and boaters.  A most wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I think my mom, Yoshiko, wanted to spend more time here to breathe in the salty air, to watch folks at play, and to remember my papa who loved to fish. I want to bring her back to the pier, perhaps to fish and eat homemade bentos..that would be a good thing.

teriyaki beef sandwich on flatbread with fresh island veggies ... so ONO : local speak for yummy
But all food and no play is hardly a perfect day for me.  I messed around with another design...this time, a bear bag with a drawstring top.  I originally started to make another rabbit bag but somehow it turned into a bear.  These kiddie bags are fun to make, albeit it takes a bit of time to prepare the pieces.

One of my biggest challenge in creating new designs or playing around with designs inspired by my many Japanese craft books is the lack of fabric. Oh, I have a fabric stash but it seems I never have 'THE ONE'.  I am tempted to buy, buy, buy...but cash flow is a problem so for the most part I just have to make due with what I have, although I do want some tasty linens that I spotted on the web. sigh.  As god is my witness, I will one day have all the fabric without want. (Yeah, like that's ever going to happen.)

happy day

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