A SWEET Sewing Tool

Can you guess what this tool is?  It's an elastic threader, found in a Japanese knick knack shop similar to Daiso.  The store sticker labeled the threader as a seam ripper.  Took me a while to figure what it was;  standing and staring at the package, deciphering the photo, because it did not look at all like a seam ripper!

I am so glad I bought it; making it so much easier to thread the cords for my kawaii bento bags.

Here how it works ~

Secure the end of the cord by pulling through the metal loop and pushing that red plastic thing up against the cord.

Pull the wire through the drawstring casing. That's it. Beats using a safety pin!
How sweet is that?


  1. awesome.....so not fair we can't find those.......btw, the bag you made is precious!

  2. Thanks for sharing, the hunt has begun.

  3. Yarni ~ Thank you for your comment! The bags are fun to make..check out the list of tutorials if you want to make one too.

  4. ZiaMaria ~ GOOD LUCK on your hunt! If I find more, I'll give you a holler.

  5. I had one of these, the plastic bit fell off mid thread and then it somehow hot jammed and I had to unpick the seam to get it out! Now I use a safety pin again lol.
    I think they are called bodkins.