Meet My Mom

Meet my mom, Yoshiko. She looks so sweet and lovely in this photo...HAH.  I would post a current pic but trust me, it would scare the little ones. She once sang to a baby and the po' thing cried and cried out of fright. Yup, she's that scary.

I visit my mom on the weekend to play scrabble with her.  She can whop my butt with 300+ scores...her secrets? .... always blocking me from using the triple word score spaces even if it means making only 6 points herself, spelling words backwards, and using a word that she's 'pretty sure' is in the dictionary even after I tell her there is no such word.

Oh I guess if I really think hard I could think of something nice to say about her...ummmmm... Well, as I've told you all before in a post or two, my mom LOVES to sew.  I love that she has sewing memories...of sewing Shirley Temple style dresses for my sister, buying yards and yards of khaki to sew school pants for my brothers, drafting patterns for dresses she admired in stores, sewing patch quilts to sell at the swap meet, sewing clothes for her 'special' grand daughter ....  She's feels lonely without her sewing machine; it having been skirted away by a little borrower.  Although not sewing for years, the love still brews within. Okay, I guess she's still sweet...but I'll hold off on the lovely...hahaha.

As for my own sewing memories, I thank you all for being a part of this time in my life when sewing has become a big part of me.

I worked on a couple pouches this week; again trying out one new design.

I call this one my White Rabbit  fold over pouch; made with a brown linen fabric and a cotton linen fabric covered with the White Rabbit and friends

And this one is a new pouch design, with a rounded top and tucks at the bottom.  It was my first time sewing a zipper in a semi circle form; doing a test run on another fabric before using this fabric from Japan.

I broke 2 sewing needles sewing on the zipper! that really sucked! It was a good thing I recently bought new needles or I would have shed a tear or two.


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