My Mis-Motherly Steps

My boys would be the first to say that their mom (that's me) could never...never be crowned Mother of the Year.  Although, I'd like to think's the truth.  Here are a couple shining moments of my mis-motherly steps ..

It's late at night; about 9 as I recall.  I run into the market leaving the little one in the car; entering the market I hear : ..."will the lady who left her son in the car please go back to the car..." ... I casually slinked out of the market; hoping no one suspected it was think?

The kid falls asleep in the backseat; a good time to run into the appliance store; leaving him in the car with all the windows rolled up to protect him from any predators.  We return to the car; find him crying; his face beet red from waning oxygen levels. I still see his face in my memories to this was that scary.

Okay, we go to another appliance store when the kid was younger; this time in an old neighborhood.  He has to take a pee so I take him to the restroom in the store. The room is dark; I flip on the light switch; and there covering the floor and the walls are literally zillions of roaches (I am not kidding!) ... in every size imaginable.. from teeny tiny to humongous.  I remembered them frozen in the light.  Instead of leaving; I tried to get my poor kid; who was holding onto me for his dear life; to sit on the toilet. Oh, we left the store to find another restroom but the scar lives on. My son, a cartoonist, drew a pic of that night; us and the roaches; exactly.

Yup, no Mother of the Year award for this lady....but I count myself double lucky for two great sons who care for me; in ways that other mothers might find....a little mean.  They have a plan to save money on nursing care by burying me alive in the sweet is that?

Talking about 'sweet' ....  here's another flexi pouch I tinkered with this week ....



  1. You really made me laugh with your mom memories/confessions!

  2. hahahaa no offence but I'm glad your not my mother!

  3. Too funny! The pouch is so cute! Where do u find the flexi frames? Is this a pattern or u make it up as you go?

  4. Hi Kerry ~~ it's amazing my sons still talk to me after what I put them through! heh

  5. Hi Jojoebi ~~ it's good thing I don't have any daughters for fear they might be mis-motherly like me! yikes!

  6. Hi Chloe and Me ~~ I bought the frames while on a trip to Japan..but you can find them on etsy. Search on supplies : FLEX FRAME. Watch out for the :per price cost:...this one shop looks reasonable . The frames come in different lengths. The pattern is from one of my Japanese craft books; I altered it a little to be a flex frame pouch; in the book it's made with a 'purse frame'. And I don't know why I called it a FLEXI frame brain is warped sometimes..heh.