Love Me Love My Cat

My son loves his cat, Toaster.  I wanted my son to return home from San Francisco; leaving Toaster behind.  He chose to stay with his cat.  He strongly feels that Toaster is his responsibility; a responsibility he accepted when Toaster was adopted. I like that about my son.

Cats are funny ~ My son plays the Rock Band drums; Toaster jumps on the bed; lies down, tightly shuts his eyes; and stays in that position until the playing stops.  What's that about?  Funny cat.

I made a couple more flex pouches. No surprise that the pouches are adorned with felt CATs. 

sitting cat pouch

happy meow pouch

...hmmm...should I change my blog to  "Cat Inspired"....?


  1. I love my cats too (my mom hates them), I understand how your son feels about his cat. XD

  2. Hi Gracie... Do your cats shed a lot? Toaster sheds fur like crazy. My son and his friends collected a bunch from around his apt and made for Toaster too. Now that's crafty!