It's Raining It's Pouring

It was a dark and stormy night; thick rain, house shaking thunder, hail, an unbelievable lightening

photo from a Hawaii resident
Mother Nature is quiet at the moment; probably at rest after scaring the dickens out of us with her fiery show; but not until she spurned these amazing twin waterspouts off shore.  ( Science note: Waterspouts are  tornadoes that touch water, they are not formed of water themselves but are funnel clouds that shoot down from storm clouds.)  How crazy is this? Isn't Mother Nature both amazing and scary ?!!

Photo from a Hawaii resident
Bad weather outside = a good day to stay indoors and sew; and sew I did. 

A flex pouch : MY FIRST EVER wide

a mini drawstring bag

..and another !!
I hope it rains again tomorrow ....


  1. Love the weather pictures, nice! The bags are so sweet and adorable, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi ZiaMaria! the weather is still a bit nasty...high humidity and no wind = bad hair day! thanks for visiting

  3. Hi ZiaMaria ~ thanks for stopping by to visit this blog of mine...The weather is finally clearing up after a couple weeks of nastiness. I started working on another idea for pouches, hoping they'll turn out and not end up in the trash..heh.