Truth or Dare

Hi All ~
Here's a truth for you all about moi ~ I live on an island....buuutttt...I don't know how to swim! Believe you me, I've attempted a few times to learn but I'm terrified of not being able to touch the floor of the ocean or the pool bottom.  I once had a goal to learn to swim by age 65! HAHA  Yeah, well, I don't think that's going to happen. 

I remember in 5th grade, the class would go to the high school pool for lessons. I stayed back because I had ... you know...juggers. And being only 10 years old, I was very, very embarrassed to wear a bathing suit in front of my classmates.  Then there was this time when I took my son to private swim lessons so I decided to join in.  The problem? The toddlers and their parents from the next class sat around the pool watching us; not as private as I thought! OH, I attempted a few more times after which I think I'll settle for wearing a life preserver instead of a bikini.

This week....I was... PRODUCTIVE. I made 5 pouches...that's a record for me... I have the entire weekend to R&R; hoping for sunny weather! till next time


  1. so sweet Bambi:) good job!

    PS: swimming it's fun! You have to realize your goal sometimes))I love to swim even live here, in tousands miles from any see, ocean or lake. Only cold rivers, brrr))

  2. oh this pouch with the deer is so precious!!!! how cute and creative :)

  3. HI YANA! Thank you for your words of encouragement...I needed that. hugs, kat

  4. Hi BumbleBri ~ thank you for stopping by and loving my latest sewing project..hugs, kat