A Mini Handbag Organizer Tutorial : Just in time for Mothers' Day !


I am attempting to be a bit more organized...oh yeah, this is a VERY BIG GOAL.  I want to complete at least one project a day and one tutorial a week.  This doesn't appear too overwhelming but I haven't succeeded yet and this is already April!  My problem? I take too many breaks. I get hungry.  I crave DIET SODA.  I get distracted watching full episode streams on my computer while I sew.  I can't make up my mind what to make. heh.

So I pushed myself a little from last week, finishing 4 embroidered pouches ...

...and this here tutorial for a mini handbag organizer....just in time for Mother's Day that's only a month away!  This little handbag organizer is a perfect size for my 2 phones (don't ask) and my IPOD...plus all the other necessities of life (tylenol, tissue, pen, gum, sticky note pad, etc. etc.).  A perfect project/gift for someone who likes to change bags with her outfits or someone who needs help keeping her bag nice and neat (that's me).  The bag has "drawstring" like handles for you to lift your organizer out of your bag...just a little extra touch of cuteness!

The pockets ended up a bit too shallow so I adjusted the dimensions in the tutorial instructions. 

Okay...here goes

Prepare Fabrics 

  • Exterior fabric - Cut 2 pieces 6" (height) x 8.5" (width); iron on CRAFT FUSE interfacing
  • Lining fabric - Cut 2 pieces 6" (height) x 8.5" (width); iron on mid weight interfacing
  • Pockets for Exterior and Interior : Cut 4 pieces 10" (height) x 6" (width); iron on mid weight interfacing; fold in half to form pockets
  • Tabs for "Drawstring" Handles - Cut 4 pieces 3" (height) x 4" (width); iron on mid weight interfacing
  • "Drawstring" - Length 16 1/2". I used cotton twill but you can use whatever you want, as long as it fits the width of the tabs.
  • Sewing Seam : 1/4"
Prepare Pockets

  • After folding pocket piece in half, add a top stitch along 'fold' edge if you'd like
  • Using a Mark-B-gone fabric marker, draw a sewing line down the center of the pocket.  If you like, add smaller pockets for pencils and pens. 
  • Pin pockets to exterior and lining pieces.  Sew on sewing lines. 
Prepare Tabs

  • Fold tab pieces with right sides facing 
  • Mark 3/4" on each side of tab; crease; then fold in half (bring raw edge towards the crease line) This will hide the raw edge of the tab
  • Sew side edges. Repeat for all 4 tabs. Set aside. 
Putting it all together
  • Exterior Piece : Place right sides together and sew along side edges and bottom.  Sew a 2" boxed corner; trim.  Trim any bulk as needed. Set aside. (Turn exterior piece right side out)
  • Lining Piece : Place right sides together and sew along side edges and bottom; leaving a 2-3 inch gap on the bottom for turning. Sew a 2" boxed corner; trim. Trim any bulk as needed. Set aside. DO NOT turn right side out.
  • Tabs : Mark the middle of each tab.  On one side of the bag; find the middle of the exterior piece; mark (Fold bag in half to find middle or measure).  You will have 2 halves.  Now find the middle of each half.  Match the middle of a tab with the middle of one of the halves. Pin with raw edges of the bag and tab together. Do the same for the other half.  At this point, you have placed tabs for one side of the bag.  Simply match up the tabs for other side to the tabs already in position. Baste in place.
  • Attach Lining to Exterior : Place the exterior piece into the lining; right sides together.  Sew along top edge.
  • Pull bag from gap in lining. Sew gap. 
  • "Drawstring": Thread "drawstring" through tabs (I attached a safety pin to the twill to help with threading).  The cotton twill frays so I put on fray check before sewing.  Crease each end of twill with each end going in an opposite direction; to hide the raw edges in the final step.

  • I decided to sew the two ends together before hiding the raw edges being careful not to tangle the twill.
    • Fold together as shown in the pic below. After attempting to machine sew the ends together, I found it easier to simply hand stitch.  This section is hidden in the tabs so simple is good.
    •  The use of the cotton twill dictated how I put the handle together so feel free to change it up to suit your choice of material.
      enjoy....till next posting...


    1. HI Choleandme! I love embroidery..it calms my spirit plus I can watch American Idol while I stitch! ..thanks for stopping by ~

    2. the bag tidy is a great idea, I will have to have a go, my bag is giant and I can never find my keys!!
      Kate x

    3. Hi Kate...ohhhh I bet your organizer will be out of this world !

    4. The bag has "drawstring" like handles for you to lift your organizer out of your bag just a little added blow of cuteness.

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    5. This tutorial for making a handbag organizer would definitely be of great help for those who wish to have their bags organized and rid of any unwanted clutter inside their bags.

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