Meet Mr. Darby

This week I decided to give felting a try. Oh I've attempted it before but gave up after failing miserably to make a bear look like a bear.  What was different this time; is that I was determined, really determined to make a bear look like a bear.  So I gathered my felting books for a study and inspiration; viewed a youtube felting tutorial video or two or three; cracked my knuckles; ready - set - go! Oh yeah, this time my determination paid off; finally managing to felt a bear that looked like a bear; a funny looking one but still; unmistakably a bear. Let us rejoice!

..and it all started with a fluff of roving wool

To start the body; I first rolled one end over using my thumbs (needle is for pic only)

Next, I folded the left corner over towards the center; holding it down with my thumb
Then rolled the end of the wool down; being sure that the folded left corner is tucked under
Now I folded the right corner towards the center
Then rolled the end of wool over; repeating the process until...
You get something that looks like a cocoon
This is the video I followed:  How to create a basic shape.  After many jabs; including a couple pokes on my finger; my bear started to come together. (I actually took a pic to post of my finger with blood oozing but decided to spare you all from the gory spectacle..heh)

... and here he is....Meet Mr. Darby

...he's not perfect but he looks like a bear...yaaay!  It was fun jabbing and jabbing and jabbing; seeing the cocoon shape slowly evolving into Mr. Darby.  He is a wee bit on the soft side; just as I liked; with long skinny arms for hugging his cat; and a flat butt for sitting....

I discovered that I love felting; finding the process very calming.  I supposed it's because it takes one's full concentration (no bird watching out the window); with a lot of hand action; jabbing, rolling, jabbing.  I liken it to hand work; similar to embroidery; where you might sit by a window for light; with a cup of tea for an occasional sip; gently pulling your needle in and out of your cloth piece; slowly watching each stitch unfurl into something beautiful...or cute.

I know that more practice is needed.  But I have to focus...on sewing first.  focus : focus : focus


  1. Hello Mister Darby!:)) so sweet bear)

  2. Waht a cutie, he is lovely. If you would like a bit of inpiration Mia at adds lovely animals to her knitted bags and purses

  3. he looks great, I don't think I will ever master needle felting, I always end up with too many holes in my fingers!

  4. Hi Yana! So Happy that you and Mr. Darby and now friends too.

  5. Hi Kerry ~ thanks for the inspiring link...her felt projects are amazing!

  6. Hi Jojoebi ~~ oh yeah, needle pokes are no fun. I think I'll stick to sewing and paper much safer than felting!!