My LOL Refashioned Apron & a Mini Bento Box Bag Tutorial

I envy a person who could care less of what other folks think about how she dresses, crafts, keeps her home, occupies her time, wears her hair, how loud she guffaws (HAHAHA).... I'll always take pause when I spot a person with a strong individuality oozing out of her being; a person loving her spirit and being comfortable with one's self.  Me? I easily, too easily, let others dictate my ways; filled with guilt and a victim attitude, ...working hard to cling on to who I am. Take for instance these little words uttered when I wore this apron refashioned from a thrifted little girl's dress....

A Niece : Aunty, WHAT are you WEARING?!!??
Me in My Head :  huh?  Oh I feel silly wearing it.

.... and that was the last time I wore this apron. Oh well,  I suppose it was a little silly to wear this girly apron since I'm kind of on the older side...but still; with a snip here and a snip there and a stitch here and a stitch there..voila! a pretty apron...sigh. And I do love it. I swear I'll wear it again! ... maybe.

I've had similar remarks from people, who mean no harm...but such words do sting  and move me back a couple of notches each time.  But if you recall from my last post of my 100 things list, on my list is to "strive to protect my spirit from others".  It's hard.  I think I need a mantra or a 'shake it off' phrase to remind my sensitive soul to let the words float up towards the sky and into nothingness  ... What about : "what the hell!" or "what the heck!" or "what the #*#(@!!" or "be all you can be"...hmmm; Dale Carnegie; I'm not.... Any suggestions?

Enough Psych 101...let's sew us a mini bento box bag !

You can never go wrong with Hello Kitty

Exterior Fabric : 25 1/2" long x 10.5" width
Lining : The lining is optional; if using; cut same size as exterior fabric. More on options below.

  • Without Lining - Crease all sides by 1/2".  Fold in half to create a 1/4" seam and to hide raw edges. Sew all sides.  The benefit of sewing the bag without the lining is that the bag is "softer" and easier to knot
  • With the Lining - I decided to use a lining knowing I wouldn't be able to sew a tiny fold-over 1/4" seam successfully. To use a lining, lay right sides of the exterior fabric and lining together and sew with a 1/4" seam; leaving a 2" gap for opening (on any side). This is just a bento bag so you don't need to change the dimensions if you choose this option. If you have a serger, you could serge the edges instead.
  • Pull the bag through the gap to turn it right side out. Sew the gap close. 
  • Lightly mark your fabric piece as follows:  Choose one short end of the piece and mark "top" and the opposite end as "bottom".  On the "top", with the right side of the exterior fabric facing you, mark one corner as "left" and the other as right". Likewise for the "bottom" edge.
  • Measure 8 1/2" from top left edge of the bag and mark.  With the right side facing you, take the bottom left end and fold up to the mark; pin.  You should have what looks like a pocket; with the lining facing up. Sew along the left edge only. DO NOT sew the right edge.
  • Note: It doesn't matter which end is top or bottom
  •  Next, sew a 5" boxed corner on the side you just sewed together. (no need to open seams before sewing) DO NOT CUT the excess fabric. The excess fabric will help reinforce the bottom of the bag. This completes one side of the bag.
  • Using the top RIGHT edge; measure 16" along the side and mark. Fold the TOP edge to the mark; pin. Sew along right side.
  •  You will sew another corner but NOT a boxed corner.  Refer to pic below. After sewing corner, do not remove excess fabric.
  •  Turn bag right side out.  That's just finished a kawaii mini bento bag ! 
Let me know of any questions...enjoy.


  1. Put that apron on right now!! Dont style your hair today and wear your bedsocks to the shop. Permission granted and enjoy.

  2. Oh Ms. gave me just what the doctor ordered...A BIG GUFFAW! hugs, kat

  3. I decided oh when I was about 35 or so that if I liked it that's all that counts. I'm the one wearing it afterall. I will say though I do still find myself worrying that someone won't like what I made them (mainly because mom has told me so-and-so didn't like what I gave them, etc). There's nothing wrong with dressing for your hubby, styling your hair or putting lipstick on before he comes home - but he's the only one you need to worry about and if he doesn't care - then your just fine. =D have an awesome day wearing your apron. Tina 'the book lady'

  4. where is your bento container from??? from the glimpses i have seen it looks lovely! please,please,please get back to me!!!

    1. Hiya - that box is from the thrift shop ! ... Where shopping is like a treasure hunt .. :0)