Hinamatsuri Omedetogazaimasu


Hi All ~ Happy Girls' Day!  This is my favorite favorite day! Oh it just happens to be my birthday too..oh yeah...birthday cake..ice cream..fried foods..but no gifts in sight. My stupid hubby can't take a hint when I told him, "I want a new bed frame for my birthday gift".  Here I thought I was being 'practical' ... after all,  I could have asked for a cricut (scrapbooking tool for about $300), a new sewing machine, or a serger.  At this point I think he should get me ALLLLLLLL of the above. stupid man. 

But don't listen to me whine...please please please..do have a GREAT girlie day....

Oh wait, don't close my blog window yet...I wanted to share my little crafty-do in the pic above.  I hand sewed the little sakura flower with some pretty Japanese fabric. It's so delicate. Here's a close up. 

...until next time...hugs

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