A Brain Fart

I really enjoyed making this linen tote bag that I posted earlier.  I decided to make another but with a different design but still using a deer motif.  Here's a close up pic. Cute.

Oh, but I ruined the bag. I had a brain fart. I grabbed the wrong interfacing...craft fuse, which makes your sewing project very stiff.  Stiffness is okay, perhaps when using with a cotton fabric to make a structured bag but unfortunately it does not work at all for this linen bag which I wanted to be soft and natural.

I noticed the stiffness when ironing the interfacing to the linen but my lame brain thought it would soften up as I work with the bag.  Another brain fart moment.

See the stiffness and the ugly crinkles? Wrinkles would be good but Crinkles? yuck.

I still want to make another bag but I need to get over this one first.

On another note, my friend is retiring in a couple of weeks.  She shared her bucket list with me...filled with dreams of trips to Japan, China, and Europe and a whole load of craft projects...10 lap quilts, scrapbooks galore, a recipe collection and more. whew. 

I have a list too but I don't call it my bucket list. It's simply 'a list' of 100 things. Yeah crazy me.  I don't treat it like a 'to do' list because hey, a to do list sounds like a lot of work.  My list is centered around FOOD (lots of it),  health, relationships, learning, and giving.

My 100 things to do list :

Silly things...eat a sinful ice cream treat on my birthday, drink Chai at Starbucks, make ice cream sandwiches, fix hem on jeans, drink wine (hah)

Crafty things ... sew a dress or blouse, take a scrapbooking class, volunteer in projects involving crafts, do a crafty blog, teach a craft class

Food things...Find tasty recipes and make: gyoza, pizza dough, bread, rolls, sushi rice, chocolate chip cookie, brownie, pancake

Travel things...Visits to China, Japan, Europe..just travel, period

For the soul things...start a herb garden, laugh more, lighten up,  judge not, love what I do, protect my spirit from others

..there's more.  I check my list every so often to check off things that I did.  If I do I do, if I don't I don't. 

Getting back to my friend...we each made 'favors' for her luncheon.  This was my contribution .. home baked butter mochi cake ( a local favorite) in a container adorned with this cute bird.

..till next time...hugs, kat


  1. I don't think you ruined it! If you run it through the washer a couple of times, the interfacing will soften right up. The question is whether your embellishment will hold up. It will also soften with use, so don't give up on all that yummy fabric and hard work yet!

  2. hi! i like your blog very much! :D

  3. Hi Tara ~~ Thank so much for your suggestion..I am fairly new to (serious) sewing so am HAPPY to hear there's a way to save my bag...bye bye crinkles.

  4. Hi Rebecca..I am so very glad you found this little blog of mine's!