An Auction for Japan Quake Appeal

Hi There. . .Jojoebi of Jojoebi Designs, sponsor of an on line auction for Japan, bumped into my blog a few days ago.   I am thankful that the universe led her here, humbled to be a part of her circle, to do more to help our friends in Japan. 

Once on a trip to Japan, we visited the Nara Deer Park where I was quickly encircled by a group of very hungry deers, who were quick to sniff the wafer snacks in my possession.  Being too slow to unwrap the wafers, these darlings bit, pushed, and tugged at me as they grew impatient.  I was literally squealing from fright.  Oh but it was love at first bite. My infatuation with the Japan deers makes them a common motif in my work.

So I decided on offering two of my kawaii embroidered deer pouches for my auction items. I love working with linen because it is like a blank canvas...waiting to be embroidered, cross stitched, appliqued, or whatever one's heart desires to make it all pretty-like.

Oh but I couldn't stop at one deer...

back fabric : lining is with this same fabric

And now for the auction details (this is my first so please be patient if I mess up...fingers crossed)

  1.  Auction is open to all
  2. Auction ends at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 26th (Pacific time).
  3. Leave a comment to this post with your bid amount. Please bid in whole dollars only. The highest bidder on March 26th wins, so keep checking those comments throughout the week to make sure you are not outbid.
  4. Bids are to be made in US dollars.  
  5. Starting bid is $24.00
  6. The winning bidder will be announced and contacted after the auction closes on March 26th.  
  7. IMPORTANT: The winner must donate the amount of their winning bid to Global Giving.
  8. Please send me proof of payment via email : . Upon receiving proof of your donation, I will happily mail your pouches.
  9. I will cover shipping costs (but will not cover any custom fees if incurred)
  10. The bag will be shipped flat.

This auction is being held in cooperation with Jo at A Bit of This and a Bit of That.  Participants are not affiliated with Global Giving or any other aid organizations, this organization is the chosen method of getting funds safely to Japan.  Thank you for bidding and please see all the other lovely items up for auction or raffle listed on Jo’s blog. 


  1. 25 from me! Thanks! :)

    What a good cause!

  2. Hi Apple ~~ Thank You - Thank You - Thank You for your bid ! hugs, kat

  3. Hi there,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have featured this raffle on Cuteable this morning - hope it leads to more entries!

    Lynsey x

    P.S. Feel free to delete this comment if you wish :)

  4. $30 bid. Mahalo!

    Keith Kamisugi

  5. Hi Lynsey ~~ Thank you sooo very much for helping to get the word out..and I'm perfectly happy with your comment: It's all about people helping people...hugs,kat

  6. HIYA Keith! It's been a long while since I've seen you...thank you so much for your bid..I am touched. hugs, mrs. mew (LOL)

  7. Cute pouches with a story behind the design. Even worthier cause! We'll bid $40. Sorry Keith. We challenge you to bid higher. :)

  8. whooohoooo...we got ourselves a bidding competition...oh yeah!...DOOMOARIGATOO GAZAIMASU to you all~~

  9. Hi Keith ! YOU WON...thank you so much for your bid...send me an email at and let me know where to mail your pouches. Please make a donation to the Red Cross for Japan or if you have another choice that's fine too. Just let me know when the donation is made. domo arigatoo gozaimasu.

  10. Donation made and email sent. Thanks so much for doing this! My mom will be happy. :-D