Felting Anyone?

Do you felt?  I have felting supplies...and books...but my attempts at felting is at best....just a clumsy ball of wool yarn.  Oh but I still will buy a book if the pictures themselves delight my eyes.

I mean .... look at the cover of this book ... doesn't it simply "tickle your kawaii bone?"

...and oh my lord...all the projects are sooooo kawaii that I wanted to take a pic of them all!

...is your kawaii bone making you giggle yet?  Well, take a look at HARPO.  Isn't he a hoot?!?

Man oh man, I really have to learn how to felt.  Anyone up for a felting craft party...my house? LOL.


  1. Oh wow, so cute they made us all squeal- even my husband over Harpo!

  2. I know the feeling ! cuteness overload !