"Deer" Friend Embroidered Pouches

Hello. I had a computer catastrophe a couple of days ago...I had to do a 'hard reset'.  Need I say more?  Everything in the hard drive was lost..sob...all my pictures, documents, a recipe collection for my little niece's cookbook that I was planning on putting together this weekend....sob.  This is my first experience of this sort ... I guess it was inevitable that it should happen.  Lesson learned : backup backup backup!

On a good note though...I had fun making what I call my 'deer' friend pouches.  I guess you could say they were partly made in China because I did the some of the embroidery on a 4 hour bullet train ride from Shenyang to Harbin and in hotel rooms.

"Deer" Friend & Bluebird
Bluebird Closeup

"Deer" Friend in Pink & Cho-o (Butterfly)
"Deer" Friend in the Garden
I like embroidery work.  I find it calming.  Unlike sewing; when the machine acts up at times; garbling up threads or sewing unevenly or laughing at me when I wrestle with the #$!%#&  zipper. Haha

The deer is a "greeting farm" rubber stamp image.  This company makes the cutest rubber stamps.  At one time they sold an Edward stamp (the Twilight saga guy).  So cute.

The pouches will be in my etsy shop.

...till my next post...

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