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Our trip to China was simply amazing, traveling to the northeast for the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, surviving -18 degrees F temperatures, eating 10-11 course meals for lunch AND dinner on most days, and bargaining with the fiercest shop keepers who I'm sure eat kids for dinner.

As we stepped through the entrance of the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, we were transported into another world.  It 's like going to Disneyland; being so excited, with sights so beautiful that your eyes can't focus on any one thing. It was breathtaking. It was why we came.

Keeping warm was our biggest challenge on this trip.  Our tour group was a sight to behold, all dressed alike with over-sized black puffy jackets, boots, gloves, ear muffs, and neck scarves supplied by the tour company and with triple layers of clothing. We looked like a bunch of wobbly weebles!

Amazing as this trip was...would I go again? HELL NO...it was too-ooo cold! Call me a wimp but  fifty degree weather is probably the most I can handle without the fear of losing toes and fingers! Hahaha.

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