Japanese Thank You Card Tutorial

Each Year, Hawaii celebrates New Year's with a big bang...literally.  Families spend up to thousands of dollars for fireworks...make that illegal fireworks that explode, jump, spin, howl, fly, and sparkle.  I read somewhere that folks spend as much as $10,000! Holy Moly. In almost every neighborhood, families set off fireworks, as if in competition...and in the end, the island is covered with a thick smoke cloud.

This year there was this one very scary, very loud firework that sounded like an exploding bomb; shaking the house, setting car alarms off, and scaring the poor dogs in the neighborhood.

I took this picture of a neighbor's fireworks display from our yard.  I was told that just one of these guys can cost up to a $1000!  Imagine how much fabric that money could buy!  hahaha   And how much money did we spend on fireworks? NADA..ZILCH...ZERO...we're stingy like that.

 AND now for a tutorial ~~

concretenprimroses asked for a tutorial for the Japanese Thank You card in my last post.  So here it is..enjoy..

Start with a 8 1/4" (l) x 5 1/2" (w) piece of your favorite paper

 Measure 2 1/2" from the top on each side of the card, then 2 1/4" from the sides.  Use the measurements as guides to make diagonal cuts on each side. Score down the 2 1/4" line to make it easier to fold the sides over.  I used a scoring tool but a crochet hook or something similar should work.  ( I drew lines for the tutorial.When you make this card,  use light markings instead. )

Cut the outside piece : 2 3/4" (height) x 8 1/2" (length). The length is a wee bit longer than the card to allow for wrapping the piece around the main piece. 

Next cut the pieces for the band.  Cut the length 8 3/4".  The width can be any size. For this card, I cut the solid colored band by 1 1/4" wide and the bird piece by 1".  Glue the 2 pieces together.  Wrap the band around the card for sizing.  IMPT: the band needs to slide over the card so allow for this when wrapping the band around the card for sizing.  Also, watch that the ends of the band is close to the middle of the card. Glue the ends of band together (there will be overlap). 

this pic shows a different paper from what I ended up using for my card
Cut 3 pieces for 'knot'.  Cut 2 pieces 4" x 1/2".  Cut 1 piece 3" x 1/2"

Lightly fold 2 of the 4" pieces in half. Then fold as shown in the photo.


Before moving to the next step, take a look at the knot in this photo. 

Okay, this is the difficult step to explain...Take one of the pieces and slip one end into the other knot as shown in the picture.  Then slip the other end through the opposite side.  Fix the knot as needed. 

Now take the 3" piece and fold in half.  Slip one end under the horizontal piece in the front. Fold both ends to the back of the knot and secure under the horizontal piece in the back of the knot.  At this point the knot should be secured.  Cut excess. Glue knot to middle of band.

Optional ~ You can add a piece to the inside of the card to write your thank you message.  Cut a piece 3 1/2"x 5".  Glue to inside of card.  Add a border like I did to the inside top if you like.  

***H A P P Y *** N E W YEAR***

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