Calling All Japanese Craft Book-a-holics

After touring northeast China, my hubby and I stayed a few days in Japan, hanging out in the city to eat, shop, and eat.  So you won't see pictures of Japan's beautiful temples or gardens from me.  I know how sad is that?'s a great find if you're into craft books and if you ever make it to Japan...

Just drool over these prices!  Only 450 Yen for books that normally go for around 1000 yen!  I only picked up 4 books because (unfortunately) I went to Kinokuniya book store on our first day in Shinjuku where I spent way too much $$s.

Here's a project from the first book that is simply adorable !

I'm sorry but I can't recall which store we went into but I believe it's in Shibuya.  Book-Off, is a new and used book store (they sell dvds too).  They have several locations in Japan and in other countries.  Two locations opened recently in Hawaii, one with a limited offering of Japanese books. 

I'm planning my first give-away with a couple of awesome craft books I bought here locally.  So keep tuned in.  Till then...have a great day~~


  1. At least you found Book-Off! When I lived in Japan, I used to get similar deals on

  2. Hi Hausfrau ~ It was karma ... we were walking pass it unexpectedly. Good for me but not for poor hubby who waited patiently while I perused the books. I often think about how it would be to live in Japan...have a good one