Paper Crafting Japanese Style

Are you a craft kit collector like me? ...  taking home a kit that you simply could not resist only to throw it into the donation bin years later.  Oh yes, I 'had' a very bad habit.  So naturally, I swore off kits.

ow-weeee#@%!..stop twisting my arm...arrgghhh...I confess...I confess to having 2 Christmas stocking kits, a humpty dumpty kit (that will be so cute if ever made), a cherry bead ornament kit, and a strawberry pincushion kit.  I'm hopeless.

So it's no surprise that I bought yet another kit from a local Japanese store.  But THIS one is so kawaii.  It's a Japanese paper craft kit that uses paper patterned with fabric designs like gingham.

...and LOOK SEE I actually finished it!!!

Kawaii neh?

This kit is a simple cut and 'paste' project so it wasn't that hard..heh. The biggest challenge is cutting out those little birds.  I ended up with shoulder pains. Ugh. 

The tools for this project : a stylus, a foam cushion, and double stick dimensional tape.  This is how the stylus is used to add dimension to the leaves and hearts :

I like learning different craft techniques.  But if I'm ever to do one of these from scratch, I will definitely find paper punches for the small pieces.

I found the maker of these kits

Here's one of their other kits. So So So So CUTE.
kit picture from
The sad news is that the store where I bought my kit from; no longer has a craft section.  The good news is that I won't be tempted to buy another kit!!

...hmmm...I think I also have a couple of beaded cell phone charm kits hiding somewhere...lord help me.

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