Nylon Stocking Snowman Ornament Tutorial & Nonsense

I’ve been seriously thinking…thinking how silly it is to celebrate Christmas with to-do lists.  I dusted off my planner just to get myself organize for the holidays…gift shopping, planning the family’s annual Christmas party, holiday lunches, shopping for Santa gifts, sending boxes to the mainland, and amongst all the holiday fanfare; are birthdays, new babies, and planning for a trip early next year.

It’s not a surprise that I inevitably get sick during the holidays.  I was sick last year, but dragged my poor body to luncheons and to help out friends at a craft fair.  And a couple of years before that I ended up in the ER room the day before Christmas Eve for high blood pressure.  So this year I decided to listen to the universe…to take it easy…to just say ‘no’ (thank you).  I tried to be true to myself, postponing one lunch invitation until next year and opting out on craft fair duty.  

Guess what? I feel sick today.  Why?  Oh, just look at the pics below on what I’ve been crazily spending time on.  My New Year’s resolution for next year is to take up Yoga again…hopefully it will help me to breathe … slowly….to relax my eyes…my face…my arms…my legs…my thoughts….  Oh, and another resolution is to take a trip on Christmas and forget all the holiday nonsense! ( I wish..like that’s ever going to happen)

Hey All...Don’t miss the Nylon Stocking Snowman Ornament tutorial at the end.

 Looking for A Place

... to cater food from. Is it only in Hawaii that you see a dish for Pork with Blood on the catering menu??!?? I tried a blood dish once and as the saying goes, “once is enough!”

A Swinging Monkey Birthday Card

…. for my sweetie nephew, George Allen

A Welcome Baby Card

… for my niece, Kira, who is expecting her first baby any day now

Kawaii Christmas Party Favors

…. for a luncheon with old friends

Nylon Stocking Snowman Ornament

I found this old craft book on how to make little dolls out of nylon stockings.  I wasted an entire stocking following the instructions.  Oh but I did not want to give up so easily, so I decided on a simple snowman using a simple method.

I’m delighted with my snowman!  He is such a darling who keeps me company in my craft room.

Nylon Stocking Snowman Ornament Tutorial

  • Any light colored sheer nylons (except for support nylons); used nylons works too.  I bought a pair from Walmart for about $4 and another pair from Macy’s for about $6.  I found the cheaper nylon to have more elasticity and was easier to work with and had no problems with runs.  I easily ruined the nylons from Macy’s which seemed to easily run so I suggest using less expensive nylons which is a good thing to do for the first time anyway.   Note: Make sure your hands are smooth and no hang nails please!  Go gently as you work with the nylons to avoid runs.
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Red Felt and White Felt
  • Ribbon
  • Beads for eyes and nose
  • Felt for Scarf

Steps for Head and Body 

I wanted to make a small snowman, about 2-2.5 inches.  I cut the nylon piece about 5” just to have some leeway.

Tie a knot on one end as close as possible to the bottom edge.  Turn inside out and fill with stuffing.  Push the stuffing down firmly.  While holding the top, use your hand to section off the snowman’s head and body to see if that’s the size you want.  Either add or remove stuffing to achieve the size that you want.

Tie the open end as if knotting a balloon. This will the top of the snowman’s head that will be covered with a hat.  Cut off any excess nylon.  You should have a slightly firm ball at this point.

Using a thread, tie into a ‘lasso’ and place around the snowman to section off the head and body.

If you want, use pins for eye placements.  With a threaded needle, secure the thread at the top of the head with a double stitch, then pass needle through the end and out to the first eye, string bead then secure with a stitch.  Reinsert the needle in the head and pass through for the next eye placement, string bead, and secure.

Reinsert the needle and pass through for the nose.  After securing the nose, reinsert the needle and pass through the top of the head to secure thread.  Add a mouth with embroidery thread if you’d like.
Steps for Hat

Measure around head and MINUS 1 inch.  I used a piece of string and measured that.   For my snowman, the head measured 6” so I used 5” as the base.  You don't have to make the hat smaller in width...if you want the hat to fit around the snowman's head then go ahead and don't subtract the 1".  If you want to, you can also make a circle, cut it into quarters and use one quarter to make a cone shaped hat. 

Draw the base line on a piece of paper.  Decide how tall you want your hat.  I wanted a tall hat so I used 5".  Draw a straight line from the midpoint of the base (in my case at the 2.5” midpoint).  Then draw side lines, connecting the end points of the base line to the point for the hat's height, making a triangle shaped pattern. Cut hat out of red felt using this pattern.

Cut a hat band out of white felt:  the same length of the hat base x ½” height.  Glue to hat.

Fold hat in half, right sides together.  Sew along the edge.  Turn right side out. 

Sew the hat onto the snowman’s head. You can also opt to glue the hat on.

Sew on a ribbon loop at the top of the hat for hanging.


Cut a scarf out of felt or knit/crochet/sew a scarf.  Tie on

Add bells, pompoms, more beads, etc. to personalize your man


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