Japanese "Style" Thank You Card

Dense Clouds hanging low in the sky, surrounding the Koolau Mountains

The gods must be angry, heaving upon the islands heavy dark clouds, thick sheets of rain, thunder and lightening.  I'm not complaining tho' with the mainland and other countries bearing far worse weather.

I delight in how folks go on their 'daily' routine regardless of the weather, carrying on in the likes of the postal worker's creed: "..neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night.."  I chuckled, spotting a fellow "walking his dog" in the wind and rain, dog in one arm and umbrella in the other, admired another jogging in the rain...oh what fun!

As for me, I stayed close to home, working on a couple of thank you cards for unexpected Christmas gifts.

I chose my favorite paper with these LOVELY SWEET BIRDS.  A band, styled with a Japanese style knot made from paper, holds the card closed.  When you slip the band off, the card opens to a thank you note inside.

To tell you the truth, I'm happy happy that Christmas is over, having more time for crafting!  I'm working on a tea pot cozy design.  Wish me luck!


  1. the card looks very cool. How 'bout a tutorial? Or where could we find directions?

  2. Hi concreteprimroses ~ Good suggestion! I'll work on one for my next posting ~~ Happy New Year ~