Gingerbread Cookies and Awesome Japanese Sewing Site

I had so many wishes for new projects to share with you this Christmas…cross stitched ornaments, mini fabric Christmas trees, little crochet ornaments, ….  But with each passing hour, the day slipped from one  into another.  And now it’s too late with Christmas just 3 days away.  Excuses? Oh yeah, I got a few.  Christmas shopping, party planning, going to see the Harry Potter movie, spending way too much time surfing the web, watching old episodes of Bones, recovering from driving to Waikiki in bumper to bumper traffic for a holiday party, & being upset with my hubby (hah).  But no sense to slap myself.  I’ll just have to do better next year.  Either that or come up with better excuses!

To get myself on the right track, I decided on this mantra : JUST DO IT!  I spend way too much time thinking about doing instead of just doing.  What did I accomplish since my new awakening? I finally baked a batch of gingerbread cookies that was on my ($#@*!!) to do list.  Okay I admit, baking cookies is not quite the epic accomplishment in life, but have you had a home baked gingerbread cookie??…soft and chewy, gently spiced with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and my fav spice : the lovely NUTMEG.  Yummy-mmy

Take a look-see at my fabulously decorated cookies...Martha will be sooo jealous when she sees these!  I half expect that she'll be asking me to be on her tv show to share my secrets...but I don't know..should I? If you want my autograph now, just shoot me a note and I'll be happy to oblige. Oh and of course this is a limited offer. So hurry..I could be famous any day now![recipe is from the Joy of Baking site]

Mama, Papa, and Baby

MaMa loves Polka Dots!

My hubby asked me if Baby was Hello Kitty...he's a 'sad' man

Although I have no projects to post, I found this wonderful Japanese sewing site with several sort of 'ezines' with projects for kawaii aprons, bags, pouches, pin cushions, doo dads for your hair, booties, embroidery, and more. The colors in every project are wonderfully happy in tones of reds, blues, pinks, turquoise, greens, much to drool over!

I'll be spending a lot of time on this site deciphering the patterns.  Oh no....another excuse! sigh.

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