It's Party Time !

Imagine a list of 400+ invited guests for a party. Then imagine handmade cookies in 350 party favor boxes, 55 party bags filled with toys and candies, games, prizes, a kids’ craft table (ohhhh yeah), and a gorgeous buffet at one of Hawaii’s nicest hotels. A wedding? An anniversary? Nope, just another baby’s first birthday bash..celebrated Hawaii style.

Husbands, sons, brother in laws, mothers, and friends were recruited to help with the favor boxes. My assignment? … the 55 party favor bags. My friend decided on solid colored drawstring bags in blue, orange, red, green, and purple from the Oriental Trading Company. I suffered through the creative angst for a couple weeks … waiting for inspiration to strike on how to decorate the bags. My misadventures included freezer paper stenciling, a pretty neat-o screening method shown on , sewing a softie fish to stuff into a pocket, playing around with felt, and an attempt with embroidery. My pain-in-the-butt hubby kept reminding me how time was running out and that I had better make up my mind.

I decided to go “crafty” and chose to work with craft foam…and lots and lots of glue. I found this project worked best to balance time, effort, and ‘cuteness’.

Here’s a girl’s bag

…and a boy’s bag

My poor etsy shop and blog fell to the wayside while I focused all my time on the bags. My friend felt badly for taking up my time. I shared with her that I craft…it’s what I do…it makes me happy.

Now that I’m done with the bags…I’ll be throwing myself into making 2 Bucilla brand felt Christmas stockings for my nephew’s 2 new grand kids. Once upon a time, making Christmas stocking for the little ones in our family was my tradition. I can’t remember why I stopped but I think it‘s because my nieces and nephews were having tooooo many babies!! Seriously. Sigh.

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